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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Unplugged is Overrated!

At 8:00 p.m. on the evening of June 13th we had a severe thunderstorm that knocked out power to our area for 40 hours! Yes, 40 hours!

We were sure that all would be restored in a few hours...like always. This became a different experience. Like the ones we experience with snow and ice outages. No power, no Internet, no phone, no nothing! No problem, we could do this!

At first we were good troopers and adapted to our powerless situation. Then, when we had no way to recharge our "stuff"...things began to get serious! Strangely enough, the school where I teach had power. So, we packed up all our "stuff" and went to school to recharge it all.

I figured that as soon as we did this, the power would come back. But...No!

We have a gas grill and so we were fine and there were stores and restaurants near us that were open. We settled into a "don't abandon the ship or our dogs" mentality. By Friday evening we needed ice. We loaded up at a nearby store and filled our coolers. We were still just fine. We could grill out and drink cold drinks. 

The worse part was trying to sleep. It was hot and still and so very dark. The dogs panted and breathed shallow breaths. They were up and they were down. They heard every single noise and leaf rustle outside. We didn't have hot water to wash dishes or shower. Saturday morning we were mad and tired and didn't want to take it anymore! According to the app we had, our power was to be restored Saturday afternoon. Really?!! And just like clockwork, it was so.  The whole system flickered and beeped and magically was back up, except for Internet which followed a few hours later. We were so excited and happy to be back in business! Interestingly, I continued my projects outside while the house cooled down. Just knowing it was there for me was enough!

We could plug in our "stuff" and be happy and comfortable and shower again! 

We learned that we could go with the flow but being without our plugged in "stuff" was now very hard for us. Now and then, I hear that we should unplug for awhile and I am here to say that being unplugged is truly overrated!

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