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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Rest of the Year "Ketchup"

We made it through our Native American Unit, re-enactment of The First Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Indians, Lincoln logs...and, of course, turkey headbands!

Then, the kids did a fantastic job learning all the songs and all their lines for the big Christmas Pageant. We used glitter and glue daily to create the angels which we made from flower pots and dowels. 

Then, look at this cute ornament that my oldest daughter and I made for the kiddos. 

Over Christmas Break, the janitors took everything out of our rooms to clean the floors and tried to put it all back...and I came back to a huge mess...I was not happy! Can you believe this!?

I pulled it together and we celebrated the new year and made Resolutions! Cute bulletin board!

Talked about Martin Luther King, Jr. and created a "Practice Peace" poster.

Made Pattern Block Snowflake Pictures...each one different, of course!

Made Mardi Gras Masks...

We tried once again to Catch a Leprechaun...with a rainbow and traps!

Celebrated Dr. Seuss! Oh, The Places We Read! Families e-mailed me photos of their child reading at home ~ so precious! 

We sprouted seeds and we labeled parts of a flower...

We went to the zoo and had a great day. This was the inspiration for our non-fiction project on a zoo animal. 

Finally, my kiddos graduated and then they all left for summer! So, here is my room as I try to pack it up and take home files and folders to pitch and purge.

And... That is how we spent the rest of the year together!!!

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