Welcome to my Kindergarten...where we are growing and learning and blooming everyday!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wind Sock Ghosts

This is so simple and yet so much fun! Kids love to move their ghosts and make wind noises!

Hurry up Halloween!

Field Trip!

The Good News: My school gets the first showing of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer at The Puppetry Arts Center each year.

The Bad News: It is November 1st!

So, out with Halloween and in with Christmas but just a little bit of Christmas. We have to get back to class to begin The Story of the Pilgrims and all about The First Thanksgiving.

Here we are on the bus! My students would be happy to just ride around the block a couple times!

Apples and Pumpkins

I love to teach literacy and math using apples and pumpkins! This is right up any Kindergarten teacher's alley!

Here are some skills/concepts:
Life cycle
Venn Diagram
The 4 Seasons
The 5 Senses

Pattern Block Jack-o-Lanterns

Here is our attempt at tracing pattern blocks and cutting pattern blocks to add to our pumpkins. This was very challenging but the result was good!

We will continue tracing and cutting pattern blocks!

Pattern Blocks for Scarecrows!

You got to love Scarecrows in the Fall. We practice learning the pattern blocks in class. It takes many weeks to add the names of hexagon, trapezoid, and rhombus to their vocabulary.

Here we had fun building a scarecrow with pattern blocks. This was challenging and we built him from the bottom up. The students followed along an example on the Smartboard.

Sponge Painting Leaves

Time to think about and learn about Fall! The students work on their cutting skills by cutting out 3 types of leaves. They cut leaves that are curved like the oak leaf and leaves with sharp curves like the maple leaf.

I cut a kitchen sponge and the kids learn to gently press paint all over the leaves...up and down and all around!

Here are some good examples!

We also memorize a Fall Poem:

Leaves are falling to the ground
Red, yellow, green, and brown.
Falling here, Falling there
Soon the trees will be all bare!

The Magic of m&ms!

It never gets old or goes out of style. To help with the skill and concept of sorting, one has to have a bag of m&ms. I use a regular sized bag for the whole group demonstration. Then in small groups, I hand out the smaller fun size bags and the kids get started! Here they are learning how to graph and loving it!

August 2012 ~ There is Work To Do!

Here is my classroom as of August 2012. We have to "pack up" everything in boxes in May/June before we leave for the summer. Such a terrible awful task. Likewise in August, we have to empty all those boxes and "set" the room back up. It is a labor of love. No one but teachers really understand this process.

Then after some blood, sweat, and tears, things start pulling together.

The room is set...now bring on the new students for this year!