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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zoo Animal Reports

On April 20th we took a fun Field Trip to the Zoo. I used that impending trip to begin our unit on non-fiction writing. Using the Zoo website as a resource for the report, parents were able to read the information and help their child create a simple report. The main goal of a project like this was to hope the student would become a sort of "expert" of their animal plus learn how to organize information.

Prior to the assignment I had to teach them how to "label". We used our kid friendly science books to see how to label. We labeled the parts of a flower. We labeled our class pet ~ Swimmy, the turtle.

I also used a form from a teacher blog on Pinterest ~ firstgradeowls.blogspot.com ~ I love this form! Students were able to organize their information and parents were able to "know what to do" and how to help.

Today all the reports were due and I was so pleased with the results and the wonderful displays. My students were so proud of their posters!

When my students have a presentation using a visual, I like for the other students to offer compliments and to ask questions. The compliments really help to foster community and help the student feel good about their work. Peer compliments are a " good thing"!

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