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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Wedding of Q and U

Have you ever planned an entire wedding by going to The Dollar Tree? I am always glad I have this store nearby to fulfill my teaching wish lists. On my recent wish list were special items for The Wedding of Q and U.

In the past I have shown the super cute videos of other classes acting out the ceremony for these two letters. This year I decided to take the leap and do this in class. I had to start from scratch and Pinterest provided many resources. I took a little of this and that and designed my own ceremony.

First I began with making the Q and U. I got black for Q because it is a consonant and for the black tuxedo look. Then I chose red for U because she is a vowel. I decided that Q was the male and U the female. Just made sense to me. I cut out the letters on put them on a foam poster.

Then I needed flowers and ribbon and
bubbles and cookies and napkins. I also got white crepe paper and bells to decorate the door.

I made invitations from pretty stickers and the blank side of a 4 x 6 index card. These were handed out in the morning.

I used music from a Mozart CD and we were ready. I asked for two volunteers to help "hold up" the Bride and Groom.

Following the ceremony the class blew bubbles as Q and U recessed down the aisle. They had the first dance - Mr. Eric's Big Silly CD - and then all joined in for dancing on the carpet.

I did write out vows and there is a photo of that below.

I highly recommend this fun activity! They will remember that QU together make the sound of /kw/.

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