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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Morning Message

Do you have a Morning Message? I could not begin or end our day without this little jewel. It is very easy and requires about 3 minutes of your daily time and attention and it delivers quite a punch in my students' literacy skill development.

Several years ago I attended a Professional Development Workshop that presented this idea. I believe I may have changed the name to "Morning Message", but, the content is rich and full and your class will benefit from this simple idea.

I prefer Zaner-Bloser paper because I like the lines. The top line is blue, the middle line is dotted, and the bottom line is red. I purchase the 1/2 chart size and it fits perfectly on this board.

I write the plan for the day. I use a different color for each sentence. Then during Circle, we read it together. We also stop and talk about letters recognition, letter sounds, sentence structure, and more. I have a Morning Message Helper who gets to circle words that classmates know. Finally, the helper gets to take the chart home and read to their family.

At the beginning of the year, start slowly and carefully. Then increase and introduce skills as needed.

Skills and Concepts:
Letter recognition
Letters and Sounds
Sentence structure
Reading from left to right
Begin reading and writing at the top left
Intro/Review Reading and Writing rules
Guided Reading
Morning Message Helper

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