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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Parent Volunteers

In January of each school year, the parents in my class sign up to come listen to the students read. By January, the kids are able to read the emergent readers with confidence. At this point we focus on fluency and expression. By March they are reading Dr. Seuss books with enthusiasm.

While parents help out with class parties and Field Trips, etc., this simple time (about 5 minutes per child) is such good practice. As I say every day~ we have to practice to get better at anything! I schedule this time once a week while the whole class is rotating in small literacy or math groups. I have a mandatory reading selection and then they can choose from a selection of easy readers.

I set the parent and student in the hallway with a basket of books and a timer. Both parent and student enjoy this time.

Here is a picture of Mother and Son ~ so cute!

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